sDNA Open Source Release

We’ve been saying for years that we should provide more support for transparancy, reproducibility and accessibility of research with an open source release of sDNA, so here it is at last: sDNA Open released under GPL3 on Github. Hooray!

That said, if you’re not reading or editing source code, we’d prefer you to continue to download sDNA from this website. Right now, the functionality of each version is the same, and if you stay here then

  1. we can continue to monitor how many people actively use sDNA (rather than just download it), which makes it easier to demonstrate its value to sDNA funding councils, who might fund further developments which benefit you, the users.
  2. if you sometimes use sDNA+, it’s just one installation for both sDNA and sDNA+ so you can switch back and forth easily.
  3. you can also stay in touch on our mailing list, which provides updates on sDNA and related research about once per year.

Happy network analysing.

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