sDNA Cycling Models in Journal of Transport Geography

Dr Crispin Cooper’s paper “Using spatial network analysis to model pedal cycle flows, risk and mode choice” has just been published in theĀ Journal of Transport Geography. This demonstrates use of cycling betweenness in sDNA to simulate cyclist flows based on slope, vehicle traffic, distance and angular change. The vehicle traffic input is also derived from an sDNA model (a simple angular betweenness one as usually works).

Because vehicle and cyclist flows are simulated separately, we can predict where they are likely to cross over and hence where accidents are more likely to occur.

Academic publishing being what it is, these aren’t the most up to date sDNA models. In particular we now have better ways to predict flows and mode choice which (who knows) will hopefully see peer reviewed publication before too long. For now have a look in the appendix to Cardiff Cycle Models and the European Transport Conference paper.