sDNA at Wales Planning Conference 2016

In partnership with Sustrans, Crispin will be delivering two workshops on active travel planning next week at the RTPI Cymru Wales Planning Conference 2016.

Under the Active Travel Act, Welsh Local Authorities are required to produce Integrated Network Maps detailing a forward plan for active travel routes, having regard to the promotion of active travel journeys. Active Travel encompasses both walking and cycling; this session focusses on cycling, however similar techniques are applicable to walking routes. This seminar by Cardiff University will demonstrate how off-the-shelf software can be used to assist active travel plans, by visualising current flows of cyclists, identifying areas with cycling accessibility problems that could be addressed by new infrastructure, and – given a proposed infrastructure scheme – predicting who will use the new route and how. Results based on our latest pilot work using Wales Active Travel mapping data will be shown.


Ecological Footprinting: transport scenarios for the Hay Festival

sDNA was used behind the scenes to estimate ecological footprints for numerous Hay Festival alternative transport scenarios.  We found that ecological impacts could be cut most by reducing international air travel and replacing private car journeys with appropriately structured bus and minibus services.  However the success of these would rely heavily on having high uptake, so if that can’t be achieved then car sharing can also cut a good proportion of the transport footprint.

sDNA was used to quickly estimate distances for fastest routes to the festival over the entire UK road network, using angular analysis as a proxy for speed.