Questions & Help

For general questions and help (not bugs/crashes, for those see the github tracker below):

  1. Start by searching the latest version of the sDNA user manual and other documents.
  2. Ask a question on and remember to tag it with sdna.  Hopefully the community will answer you, but if they don’t, the sDNA team also watch for questions with that tag.
  3. If you don’t already have an account on stackexchange, then
    • You will need to register first
    • You should read their advice on how to ask a good question
    • As you type your question, the system auto-searches for similar questions – please read them before posting as questions have often been asked before!
  4. Stackexchange *should* notify us of any questions, but feel free to email with a link to your stackexchange question to make sure we see it.

Bugs & Feature Requests

Please send bugs and feature requests to the sDNA tracker on Github.  Don’t worry that this is officially for the Open Source version – at present we maintain only one tracker for both due to their similarity.

In the case of bugs don’t forget to report:

  • which version of sDNA you are using – e.g. a version number like 4.0.1 and also say whether it’s sDNA Open or sDNA,
  • whether you are running in ArcGIS (which version?), Autocad (which version?), QGIS (which version?) or standalone (which version of Python are you using?)
  • your operating system (Windows version, also – importantly – 32 or 64 bit?)
  • how much memory you have
  • was sDNA installed just for you or for all users?
  • was sDNA unlocked just for you or for all users?
  • what were you trying to do?
  • what did you expect to happen?
  • what happened instead?
    • if the error appears as a dialog box, can you copy and paste (ideally) or if not then get a screen grab?
    • if the error appears in the output, can you copy and paste? (from the ArcGIS results window; Autocad sDNA window or Python standard output)

We make regular releases of sDNA so hopefully we’ll be able to fix any trouble you have as soon as possible.

Premium Support

Paying users of sDNA+ are encouraged to use the support channels listed above so we can build a publicly accessible knowledge base.  However, if you have a time critical query please also email sending a link to your public question to ensure a speedy response.  Private queries (e.g. involving sensitive data) can also be sent by email.