sDN4 – lots of new features!

It’s time to announce sDNA version 4, or “sDN4″…

For funding we are thankful to Wedderburn Transport Planning, and also Alain Chiaradia and Chris Webster for re-investing their royalties from sDNA+.

sDN4 includes several new features, principally the ability to weight analysis by zones as well as the existing options of links, length and custom weights. All of the above can be combined using custom expressions, and weights from zones easily distributed over each zone according to user defined functions. This is well suited to conducting high resolution sustainable transport analysis based on low resolution census data.

In addition, numerous features previously restricted to those who purchased sDNA+ licenses, have now been moved into standard sDNA:

  • Outputs
    • Skim matrix
    • Geodesics
    • Hulls
    • Network radius
    • Destination maps
    • Bidirectional betweenness
    • Flow bundles (use intermediate link filter for these)
  • Other features
    • Origin Destination (OD) matrix input
    • Banded radii – useful for multivariate analysis with a little less collinearity
    • One way links
    • Custom spatial tolerances
    • sDNA prepare preserving data
    • Selected origin/destination and skip functions
    • Link disabling functions
    • Advanced problem route handling
    • Oversampling
Hybrid metrics and Hybrid radiusĀ remain exclusive to sDNA+.

sDNA 4 is available on the usual download page.

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