Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) Manual

This is the manual for sDNA, the spatial network analysis toolbox for GIS and Python.

This manual can be cited as follows:

Cooper, C. (2016) Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) version 3.4 Manual. Cardiff University. Available,

Please also remember to cite the software itself in any published sDNA analysis:

Cooper, C., Chiaradia, A., Webster, C. (2016) Spatial Design Network Analysis software, version 3.4, Cardiff University,

Further help, feature requests, bug reports: If you have any general questions about using sDNA, requests for features, or problems with the software, please get in touch via our website.

Errata: Please report any errors found in the manual to

Acknowledgements: This manual was originally put together under an Impact Accelerator grant from the Economic and Social Research Council. The principal investigator was Alain Chiaradia and the co-investigator Crispin Cooper, based at Cardiff University department of Geography and Planning and the Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Table of Contents